AHK Day of Teacher / Researcher

02 Feb 2023

shy*play is a research lab founded by teacher-researchers Aion (Aster) Arribas and Antje Nestel (ATD/HvA/Co ECI). shy*play departs from the urgency to reflect and craft from the hindrances that the dominant art world’s contexts and approaches have presented us with: In our experience, shy, introverted and neurodivergent manifestations suffered under the regime of extraversion which has become the standard method for artistic experimentation and sociality formation. In response, this project asks: can shyness, introversion, and neurodivergence be a means for creative and experimental sociality formation? The laboratory explores the intersections between art practice, (un)learning, and neurodivergence through the creation of relational techniques in the form of collaborative events. These events invite participants to experiment with the potentiality of shy* aesthetics together-otherwise.

image credits: Jonathan Andrew 

shy*play, punt WG

Join the shy*play sessions! ATD and AMFI students