Doing Neurodiversity: Wayfaring Words

Arts Beyond Ableism


What if we do not yet know what inclusion is? What if inclusion is not about being welcoming to the "othered," such as the neurodivergent and the disabled, but rather, what if the possibilities for inclusion lie in engaging with the tendencies we often label as pathologies? 

In this workshop, shy*play proposes to rethink inclusion by doing neurodiversity through wayfaring quotes. This technique foregrounds not only neurodiverse words and thinking but also the many other forms of communication that teem "beneath the words," as Amelia Baggs would say. Specifically, the languages of movement, texture, shape, sound, vibration, and colour, all synesthetically intertwined, that ableist normalized forms of relation devalue and dismiss.

Doing Neurodiversity, EDI Conference

Experiments in Neurodiverse Futurities, Yokosuka